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Compass Municipal Advisors, LLC is an independent municipal advisory firm with offices in Columbia, South Carolina and Lexington, Kentucky.

As a municipal advisor, our responsibility goes beyond helping our clients access the capital markets. Compass serves as a fiduciary, guiding each client through their financial needs and positioning them for continued success through strategic long term capital planning. Our status as an independent municipal advisory firm strategically positions us to secure optimal financial outcomes, without restrictions or conflicts of interest. Our large network of investor contacts and established industry professionals, allows us to aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients for improved efficiencies and ideal results.

Compass has assembled an outstanding team of experienced professionals with a well‐documented history of providing financial advisory services to a variety of state and local governments, authorities, and agencies. Our advisors are renowned in the public finance community for their superior technical and analytical expertise. The professionals at Compass have diverse backgrounds in government, investment banking, commercial banking and credit analysis and have the education, experience and commitment to provide the highest quality assistance to our clients. Our team includes nationally recognized financial advisors proficient in complex structured financings, cash flow analysis, and debt analysis.

Thanks to an unwavering commitment to outstanding service and serving the client’s interest above all else, the advisors at Compass have been South Carolina’s leading municipal advisors every year since 2003 and the #1 local government advisor in Kentucky since 2012.