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Providing unique and innovative financial products and services.

Our team has been the #1 municipal advisor in South Carolina since 2002 financing more than $15 Billion in aggregate par, representing over 600 issues.* Over the past 17 years, Compass has created unique and innovative financial products and services that have allowed us to represent a large portion of South Carolina municipalities. Compass currently serves as municipal advisor for over 90% of the School Districts in South Carolina and a growing number of City, County and Special Purpose Districts across the state. The Advisors at Compass have extensive experience advising on the structuring and issuance of many different types of financings.

  • General Obligation Bonds
  • General Obligation Refunding Bonds
  • Water and Sewer Revenue Bonds
  • Lease Purchase Agreements
  • Sales Tax Revenue Bonds
  • Bond Anticipation Notes
  • Tax Anticipation Notes
  • Equipment Acquisition, Use & Security Agreements

In 2002, the Compass Municipal Advisory team, in conjunction with local officials and other financing professionals, helped create the South Carolina Association of Governmental Organizations ("SCAGO"). SCAGO is a not-for-profit corporation whose primary objective is to promote financing and investment opportunities for South Carolina municipalities. As program administrator, Compass works closely with SCAGO to develop innovative financing programs for a wide range of financial needs. Since its inception, SCAGO has issued over $3.8 Billion in bonds. SCAGO's current financing programs include:

  • Consolidated Tax Anticipation Note Program
  • Consolidated General Obligation Debt Program
  • Annual Appropriation Leasing
  • Qualified Zone Academy Bond Program
  • Installment Purchase Revenue Bond Program
  • More information can be found on the SCAGO web site.

Compass and the Kentucky Association of Counties, Inc. (“KACo”) are working together to offer comprehensive services to KACO’s members through its many innovative programs, including the KACo Leasing Trust which was formed to make tax-exempt financing available to counties and their political subdivisions in more cost effective ways and KACo Finance Corporation which allows participants to issue debt through their innovative bond pool program. The bond pool allows many participants to access the capital markets at a much lower cost of capital through economies of scale and the program’s “AA-“ bond rating from S&P Global Ratings. This unique approach allows us to combine our unmatched experience and extensive resources to deliver proven results for our clients throughout Kentucky.

More information can be found on KACo’s website.


*Source: Thomson Reuters