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Danville Fire Station
Danville Fire Station

City of Danville, Kentucky


Our advisors have served as financial advisor to the City of Danville, Kentucky since 2012. Our work includes capital planning and bond issuances to fund the City’s Downtown Master Plan. Included in the Master Plan was the construction of a state-of- the-art downtown fire station. In addition to the 49,367 square foot station, the City included ancillary projects into the financing that included the purchase of a new fire truck, increased parking spaces for the department, and a storage facility.


Compass advised on the issuance of a $9,900,000 bond issue that was funded in November of 2018 prior to the end of the calendar year. This was done to maintain the Bank Qualification status of the bonds which aided in the reduction of borrowing costs through increased participation from banking institutions. The result was a very successful bond sale that generated seven competitive bids from the capital markets.




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