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Horry Schools Energy Positive Projects
Horry Schools Energy Positive

Horry County School District, South Carolina


Our advisors have provided advisory services to Horry County School District since 2003. Our team was instrumental in working with District officials to implement a local, District-wide $0.01 sales tax. Collections from the tax have been used to lower local property tax rates and to fund capital projects. In 2015, Compass worked with the District to develop a capital funding plan to support the construction of five new energy positive schools within the District. The total cost of the project was $250,000,000, with each state-of-the-art facility designed to generate more energy than is needed to operate the school.


Compass worked with District officials to develop a financing plan that utilized a mix of bonding and sales tax collections that would be utilized on a pay as you go basis. This innovative structure allowed the District to take advantage of growing sales tax collections to fund the projects with no local tax increase. The multi-issue bonding structure utilized a mix of general obligation debt and special obligation bond issues to fund specific equipment related expenses.




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