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Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center
Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center

Warren County, Kentucky


Our team has been privileged to work with and provide financial advice to Warren County over the course of many years. We have successfully executed both new money and refunding issues utilizing several different structures (including General Obligation, Lease Appropriated, New Market Tax Credits, Tax Increment Financing, Transient Room Taxes and Industrial Building Revenues) designed to minimize cost and meet long-term goals and objectives.


Compass advised on two bond refundings related to the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center. The prior bonds included Build America Bonds secured by a 2% transient room tax and indirectly secured with revenues from the WKU Gateway to Downtown Bowling Green Tax Increment Financing District. The multi-phase financing was issued in December of 2017 and October of 2020 and was structured to maximize level annual savings. The 2017 Bonds were structured to preserve the Build America Bond subsidy payments up until the redemption date through the utilization of a crossover escrow agreement. The combined refinancings generated over $4,600,000 in gross savings.




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