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Richland School District Two Referendum
Richland District No. 2

Richland County School District No. 2, South Carolina


In November 2018, constituents of Richland County School District No. 2, South Carolina approved $468,000,000 in referendum bonds to implement safety and security improvements, renovations on existing facilities, construction of new facilities and technology upgrades across the District. The team at Compass worked with District officials to plan for and execute bond offerings to fund the approved projects.


Compass is currently advising on a series of short-term Bond Anticipation Notes and long-term Bonds to finance the referendum projects. The Notes and Bonds will be sold over a five year period to provide funding based on the projected construction draws. The comprehensive funding plan was tailored around the District’s debt service and projected tax collections. Further, additional issuance flexibility was developed within our funding model that would accommodate for potential changes to the construction schedule.




Bond Issuance
Long-Term Capital Planning